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Seeking Volunteers for Critical Roles


The Organising committee for the ITF World Championships 2017 would like to invite applications for the following Officer positions for the World Championships 2017 and for General Volunteers. Please apply in writing to by the deadline of July 22nd 2016.

Arena Officer, Merchandise Officer, Entertainments Officer, PR TV & Media Officer, General Volunteers.

See below for full details of roles:

Arena Officer
The role will encompass the following duties:
• Work with the organising committee in planning the setup and breakdown of the competition arena including budget and sourcing providers
• Liaise with the organizing committee and service providers to prepare a schedule for delivery and setup of all hired equipment
• Liaise with those storing ITA equipment to arrange delivery and collection
• Work with volunteer officer to schedule duties for volunteers in setup and breakdown
• Work with hotel porters and staff to schedule their work
• Assure delivery of a competition ready arena within the timeframe allotted (fully set up by morning of 9th October 2017)
• Ensure the arena is fully returned to its original condition by 16th October 2017.
• Any and all re-arrangement of facilities needed during the event itself

Merchandise Officer

The role will encompass the following duties:
• Plan and set up the retail area
• Supervise the organizers merchandising outlets in the retail area and those staffing them
• Prepare financial reports each evening for the organizing committee
• Break down and clear up the retail area

Entertainments Officer

The role will encompass the following duties:
• Coordinate and plan the entertainments, displays, speakers, MC and dignitaries for the opening ceremony
• Plan the ITF VIP banquet and Award Ceremony including venue hire, menus, entertainment, transport etc.
• Coordinate and plan the MC, speakers, ITF dignitaries and flag ceremony for the closing ceremony
• Organise after parties at Citywest for juniors and seniors

PR, TV & Media Officer

The role will encompass the following duties:
· Work with the Organising Committee in advance of the championships to ensure the widest exposure possible for our event
· Connect with media outlets, national television, online media distributors to ensure coverage of the event
· Work with Citywest Hotel and our media partner to arrange live streaming of the event
· Produce content (text, images and video) for our social media and websites
· Advocate for the image, marketability and the ‘story’ values of our event at all planning meetings / briefing sessions / volunteer training days etc.
· Form strong links with the Organising Committee and Volunteer Officers ensuring all news is leveraged
· Such other work as may become necessary


The role will encompass the following duties:
Arrive in advance of arena set up for briefing and training
Assist in set up of competition arena
Assist in decoration of hotel and conference rooms
Duties during the event include:
Marshalling the arena, spectator access and competitor warm up area
Arena maintenance and medal awarding
Scoring system operator
Setup for congress
Arena breakdown and tidy up
After party preparation

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